Due to the coronacrisis, I am not allowed to organise chocolate workshops till further notice.
This measure does not only effect the chocolate workshops, but also my city walks.
Hope to see you again soon! Stay safe.


Did you know that chocolate contains dopamine, serotonin and endorphins? These are substances that have a positive effect on your stress level and mood.
So if you are looking for an original teambuilding, a unique bachelorette party or a fun family activity, book an entertaining chocolate workshop.

There are several options:

Workshops for companies (prices excluding VAT) for groups from 2 to 25 participants) on dates of your choice. 

Workshops for private persons like family and friends (prices including VAT) for groups from 4 to 25 participants) on dates of your choice, or workshops where you can join individually  on fixed dates (In Flemish).

All workshops are organized at my own chocolate studio in the heart of Antwerp.

I have been a full time professional Antwerp Tour Guide for over 15 years and I was the very first one with a chocolate tour through the city of Antwerpen. I therefor consider myself a ‘storyteller‘ and during the workshop I will not only teach you how to work with chocolate, but I will share some anecdotes and funfacts on top of the chocolate class, in a fun and entertaining way.


Our country is being threathened by the Coronavirus. All citizens are advised to stay at home as much as possible. Bars, restaurants etc and all non essential shops are closed since mid March 2020. Measures have been extended. Read all about the decicisons taken in Belgium here.

Let us show kindness to eachother, support caretakers and other service providers. Once this is over, I will happily open my doors again and you are all very welcome for a fun chocolate workshop !! It will do us some good to have fun in eachother’s company.

Until then, I wish you a lot of strength and make the most of this time with your loved ones! Please follow me on Facebook for more updates.

Click here for all measures taken in Antwerpen.



Fun interactive Chocolate workshops with Carolien Krijnen