Let's Chocolate!
a DIY chocolateworkshop at home

The ‘Let’s Chocolate’ experience is a DIY chocolate workshop package to make your own delicious chocolate products together with your family or friends, at home.

The ‘Let’s Chocolate’ experience is filled with delicious quality ingredients, authentic Belgian Chocolate (Callebaut) and everything you need for a few hours of delicious fun with chocolate and with each other, in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to be a chocolate expert for this “Let’s Chocolate” DIY package.
The box comes with clear and detailed instructions, lots of chocolate, and before you know it, you will be making the most beautiful, and delicious chocolate creations!

There is a or romantic “Let’s chocolate for two” package with chocolate diamonds and two mini bottles of cava rosé. Ideal to do with your sweetheart or your best friend. And there are “Let’s Chocolate” boxes for groups from 4 to 8 people, with or without (young) children. Is your party larger than 8? Send me an email for a quote.

The ‘Let’s Chocolate’ Experience contains everything you need for a fun chocolate workshop at your own home. The only thing you have to provide for yourself is a microwave*, a kitchen scale, a few heat-resistant bowls, spatulas and above all, enjoyable company.

The ‘Let’s Chocolate’ chocolateworkshop box comes with clear instructions, aprons and hairnets, a digital thermometer, dark, milk and white Callebaut chocolate (Ruby for the ‘let’s Chocolate for two), hazelnut spread, piping bags, packaging material, templates for figures or lollipops, a wide range of decorating items such as nuts, smarties, krispies, pearls, marshmallows, etcetera.
The content of the box depends on the theme. there are Let’s Chocolate Experiences for major celebrations like Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, … Details can be found in the webshop (In Dutch only).

Ready to start creating some Chocolate dipped oreos, Crispy Crunchies, lollipops, bars / tablets, and why not, chocolate fondue? Then order your Let’s Chocolate Experience!
All packages are put together on order (I have no stock) and can be customized to your demands.

Lets Chocolate by Chocalicious
Lets Chocolate by Chocalicious

Working with chocolate is fun and soothing. The scent of chocolate makes you relax and while tasting it, you will become instant zen and happy!

‘Let’s Chocolate’ Experience:

  • Let’s Chocolate for two (incl cava)               99€
  • Let’s Chocolate (up to 4 participants)         99€
  • Let’s Chocolate (5 participants)                  119€
  • Let’s Chocolate (6 participants)                 139€
  • Let’s Chocolate (7 participants)                 159€
  • Let’s Chocolate (8 participants)                 179€

The ‘Let’s Chocolate’ chocolate workshop Experience can be picked up after appointment in my chocolate studio Chocalicious in Antwerp, Korte Vlierstraat 13.

Is Antwerp too far away? I will be happy to send your “Let’s Chocolate” Experience for only 10€ extra, or 12€ to the Netherlands.
All prices include VAT.

Reserve and pay for your Let” Chocolate’ Experience in my webshop (Flemish only) or send me an email with your order or further questions.

Carolien Krijnen Chocalicious

* Don’t have a microwave? Don’t worry. Chocolate can also be melted ‘Au bain Marie

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Lets chocolate workshop at home 6 personen
Lets chocolate for two
Let’s Chocolate for two with 2 mini bottles of cava rosé
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