Smile! This chocolateworkshop is fun

A fun chocolateworkshop in the heart of Antwerp.

  • Up and till 24 participants.
  • +/- 1,5 hours.
  • From 50€ pp.
Chocalicious chocolate workshop Antwerpen



Looking for a fun activity with friends or family? An activity where you make sweet delicacies in a relaxed way in a professional chocolate workshop that you can take home with you?

Then a chocolate workshop in my own studio Chocalicious in the center of Antwerp is really something for you!

Everybody loves chocolate.
We start with a brief explanation about chocolate and how to work with it. What is ‘tempering’ and why is it necessary? With that newly gained information, you will start working yourself and create delicious chocolates.

We start with the tasting of four types of chocolate. You will then start creating your chocolates, using different techniques; moulding, enrobing, … You learn how to fill a mold and use a piping bag.

During the workshop, various techniques are discussed: tempering, moulding, enrobing, etc. Together we fill some happy lollipop molds, and create and decorate other chocolate treats.

During the break you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, soft drinks and… chocolate.

Aprons and hairnets are provided so that your clothes stay tidy and everything that is made during the workshop (and not eaten on site) you can take home (packaging options are provided).start working


  • Maximum 24 participants.
  • Duration: about 1,5 hours.
  • Prive:
  • From 20 participants: 50€ pp.
  • From 14 participants to 19 participants: 55€ pp.
  • From 10 participants to 13 participants: 60€ pp.
  • From 7 participants to 9 participants: 70€ pp.
  • Up and to 6 participants: fixed price 500€