Join a Chocolateworkshop!


Join a workshop on a Sunday morning (in Flemish/Dutch only!!)

Don’t find enough people to have your own group or is your group too small? Don’t worry, you can individually join a monthly chocolate Workshop on fixed dates.

Once a month *, on a Sunday, starting at 11am, Chocalicious organises chocolateworkshop for individual participants.
Join in, individually, with your loved one, grandchild, or with a bunch of friends.

Lange wapper Worshop

Lange wapper Worshop

We start with a short explanation of (working with) chocolate. What types of chocolate are there? Which cocoa beans are used? What is ‘tempering‘ and why is it necessary? Then you start making your own Bekgian chocolates, using the different techniques explained; Moulding, enrobing,… You will learn how to fill a mold and use a piping bag.

Together we make a few funny chocolate lollipops, you learn how to enrobe and create crunchy delicacies, and we build crispy chocolate rocks.

The workshops includes coffee, tea, soft drinks and… chocolate. Aprons and hair nets are provided so that your clothes stay clean.

The workshop lasts about 2 hours and costs 55€ pp.

Everything you make during the workshop (and not eat on the spot), is yours for the taking (packaging is provided).
Since most participants are either from Belgium or the Netherlands, this workshops is given in Flemish/Dutch.

Next available dates:

  • 11/09/2022 – 11h – fully booked
  • 09/10/2022 – 11h – Flemish only
  • 13/11/2022 – 11h – Flemish only


These workshops are organised with a minimum of 6 participants and are given in Flemish/Dutch.
* The workshops are not suitable for children under 9. Children from 9 to 15 years are welcome when accompanied by a participating adult.
* Changes in dates and timings may occur.